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The Very Early Light Curve of SN 2015F in NGC 2442: A Possible Detection of Schock-heated Cooling Emission and Constraints on SN Ia Progenitor System

Im, M., Choi, C., Yoon, S. -C., Kim, J. -W., Ehgamberdiev, S. A., Monard, L,. A. G., Sung, H. -I.,

The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, Volume 221, Issue 1, article id. 22, 9 pp. (2015)


Distance and properties of NGC 4993 as the host galaxy of a gravitational wave source, GW170817

Im, M., Yoon, Y., Lee, S.-K., Lee, H., Kim, J., Lee, C.-U., Lee, S.-L., Troja, E., Choi, C., Lim, G., Ko, J., Shim, H.,

The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Volume 849, Issue 1, article id. L16, 7 pp. (2017)



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